Raipur. The builder had to pay heavily for not constructing a house on an empty plot even after 7 years. On the complaint of the buyer, Chhattisgarh RERA gave an important decision against the builder and ordered him to pay Rs 17 lakh interest along with Rs 32 lakh paid in installments. The builder will have to return the principal and interest amount within six months. Also read: CG BREAKING: ED raids the house of the president of Dongargarh Temple Trust, action going on since 5 am

According to the case, Shyamvati Patel, who lives in Baikunthpur, had bought a 1395 sq ft plot in Chandra Town Bhatgaon for Rs 32 lakh. While selling the plot, the builder had also signed a contract to build a single house of 990 sq ft, for which he had also got the map passed from the Municipal Corporation.

But the builder did not give Shyamvati the possession of the house within the stipulated time. She met the builder several times and asked for possession. Every time she was put off. Finally the builder argued that he had made an agreement to sell the plot, but there was no agreement to build a house on it and give it to her.

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Finally, the victim took refuge in RERA. After hearing both the parties, RERA Chairman Sanjay Shukla ruled that despite receiving Rs 32.43 lakh for the construction of the house, the builder did not build the house, thereby violating the terms of the contract. Therefore, the project operator was ordered to pay Shyamvati the principal amount of the plot of Rs 32.43 lakh along with interest of Rs 17.50 lakh from July 2019 to July 2024, a total of Rs 50 lakh 2328.

Strictness will be taken on those who do plotting by sending SMS

As per the rules, for any kind of plotting, it is necessary to first register with RERA. Now, after the end of the code of conduct, SMSes are being sent to people to buy plots. Which is against the rules. RERA has also received many such SMSes. People who send such mobile SMSes in which contact numbers are given are being called and their statements are being taken. RERA officials have made it clear that if needed, action will also be taken against such people.