Bhilai: Continuous efforts are being made by Bhilai Steel Plant, District Administration and other agencies to prevent dengue in Bhilai. The members of the team engaged in the survey of dengue are carrying out intensive investigation work in Sector-2, 4, 5, 6, 9 and Hospital Sector as well as the entire township. At the same time, fogging work is also being done at a fast pace in the sectors so that the larvae generated can be destroyed in time and dengue mosquitoes can be prevented from breeding.
It may be noted that in order to prevent the increasing cases of dengue in Durg district and steel city Bhilai, the Public Health Department of Bhilai Steel Plant and District Malaria Department, Durg are jointly conducting a comprehensive survey, free distribution of larvicide and awareness campaign. The larva survey team goes from house to house every day to thoroughly check the water storage vessels including coolers, pots, pots, freezers, washing machines and other places. Along with this, spraying of medicines in the affected areas, fogging, oiling, distribution of Tamiphos in homes and fogging and spraying of medicines in the backline areas are being done.
According to the report of September 11, a total of 1998 houses of ispat nagari were surveyed, out of which 1616 vessels, coolers and other water collecting places were surveyed and cleaned. Medicines were sprayed in 210 houses found larvae in the survey campaign. Under this survey campaign, 85 houses were sprayed and Temiphos medicine was distributed to 1096 houses.
Spray was done through mist blower machine in Sector-5 and its backline areas and BSF camp in Sector-2 and 6. Isling work was carried out at selected locations and backline areas of Sector-3 and 5. With the help of portable fogging machines, fogging work was done in specific places and backline areas of Sector-4 and 5. Apart from this, pamphlets were distributed in Sector-5, 9 and Hospital Sector and people were made aware by providing important information about the symptoms and prevention of dengue. Along with this, water fogging work was done in special places of Sector-5 through vehicle mounted machines.
Residents of Bhilai Township area were advised to distribute tamiphos, maintain cleanliness, not allow rainwater to accumulate, use mosquito nets. All the residents of ispat nagari area are requested to be vigilant and make collective continuous efforts to eliminate mosquitoes and larvae.
In order to control dengue, the public health department of the plant has appealed to the enlightened people of Bhilai to cooperate in the measures that can be taken at the individual level for mosquito control. Keep yourself safe and keep others safe too.
Efforts are being made to bring survey and public awareness at full speed under the supervision of Public Health Department of Bhilai Steel Plant and District Malaria Eradication Department, Health Services Department. Under the guidance of the personnel of the Public Health Department of the Municipal Service Department, a special campaign is being run to eliminate mosquitoes and prevent the origin of mosquitoes. Efforts are being made to prevent the increase in the number of mosquitoes through field spray, house-to-house spray, back lane spray etc. for the prevention of mosquito-borne diseases.