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Xiaomi’s Baja in the clash between China and India; Samsung becomes leader in smartphone market,

Since the barbarism with Indian soldiers on the border of India and China, Indians have been angry about China and Chinese goods. Now China has to pay its price. According to a new report by Counterpoint, Samsung has got the crown of leader in the smartphone market from Xiaomi. Samsung has come at number one position in the smartphone market. Let us know that only after the June clash, people got angry against China and the anti China sentiment is getting stronger in the whole country. Other brands including Samsung, which are not Chinese, are benefiting from thisAccording to the report, Samsung has now surpassed Chinese brand Huawei in the global smartphone market as well. According to data for August 2020, Samsung’s global market share reached 22 percent. By April 2020, Samsung had a market share of 20 percent. This change has taken place in the last six months. If you talk about this, then in August 2020, its market share decreased to 16%. Its market share was 21 percent in April 2020..