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January 17, 2021

The Chhattisgarh

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Work to migrant laborers to alleviate livelihood, employment of 802 people in different schemes in Dantewada: 450 workers engaged in various works till date Rs 4.25 lakh

The life of migrant workers who returned to Chhattisgarh amid global epidemic Kovid-19 has started taking a new turn. Employment is being provided to them by the administration and administration for their livelihood.

Along with this, after identifying their skills and discussing with private sector planners, an initiative is being taken to provide work according to their interests. 802 migrant workers who have returned to Dantewada from different parts of the country have been provided local employment by the district administration.

Migrant workers who have completed 14 days of home-quarantine in quarantine centers operated in village panchayats and ten days on arrival at home are being executed by the MNREGA and Pradhan Mantri Gram Sadak Yojana as well as works being done by Public Works, Water Resources and School Education Department Employment is being given. In Dantewada district, 504 migrant laborers have been given work under MNREGA. In Gidam Janpad Panchayat 156, 75 in Dantewada, 111 in Kuankonda and 162 people in Katekalyan Janpad Panchayat have been provided employment in Dabri construction and land leveling work being done under MNREGA.  

In the district, 232 migrant workers are engaged in the repair, cleaning and painting of schools. Under the Pradhan Mantri Gram Sadak Yojana, 36 workers are working in the road construction works being carried out by the Public Works Department. 13 migrant laborers are also employed in canal construction work of Water Resources Department. Four workers are engaged in construction work in Barsur Nagar Panchayat. All workers are being paid wages at the rate of Rs. 190 per day.

In Dantewada district, 450 migrant laborers working in various schemes and departments have been paid wages of over four lakh 25 thousand rupees till now. This is helping them to start their life afresh. Wages of Rs one lakh 23 thousand have been paid to 232 migrant laborers working in schools for repair, cleaning and painting. In Dantewada district panchayat, wages of Rs 35 thousand 530 have been paid to migrant workers engaged in MGNREGA works, Rs 46 thousand 740 in Geidam, 94 thousand rupees in Katekalyan and 11 thousand 780 rupees in Kuanconda.

Six thousand rupees have been paid to the workers constructing the building in Barsur and Rs 13 thousand to the laborers working in the canal construction of the Water Resources Department. Workers returning to the state are feeling great relief due to the quick steps being taken by the state government for livelihood. After taking discussions with private sector employers, serious initiative is being taken to provide employment according to their skills and interests.