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Windows 7 is Dead: Microsoft Says Buying an Expensive New Surface is a Solution

Today is the day when the era of a proper PC comes to an end. The era when a desktop computer at home had a towering personality. And a laptop meant you were on the path to success. That’s done and dusted, as we look forward towards an era of versatility, many form factors and mobility being the buzzword. And for that, Microsoft believes Windows 10 is best placed to deal with those challenges. And rightly so. But what do people who use Windows 7 on their perhaps ageing PCs do? Well, there are a lot of such folk out there. Microsoft says you should buy one of their Surface computing devices. Simple. Well, actually no.

While 54.62% of the world’s PC population now runs Windows 10, Windows 7 was still rocking on 26.64% of PCs around the world, thats according to numbers by research firm NetMarketShare. Microsoft says that more than 900 million devices globally now run Windows 10. This means, around 400 million PCs globally are still running Windows 7.

Let us start with what Microsoft means when it says buy a Surface device. This is a message for consumers and enterprises alike, with greater emphasis on the latter. Expectedly so. The pitch talks about the enhanced security which Surface and Microsoft 365 bring to the table. “Microsoft 365 is an integrated solution, bringing together Windows 10, Office 365, and advanced security and device management capabilities. Secure company data, get more done, and inspire employees with modern hardware and software designed to work together,” is how Microsoft describes it.

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