June 6, 2023

Beijing, ANI. Two World Health Organization (WHO) experts have reached China to find out the source of the corona virus. A media report quoting Hua Chunying, spokesman for the Chinese Foreign Ministry, said that the two WHO experts would discuss related questions with Chinese scientists and health experts. However, no details were provided about the itinerary of the experts. Hua also pointed out that experts will also go to other countries and regions.

According to Hua, WHO believes that the detection of the source of the virus is a continuous process, which can involve many countries and regions. WHO will also conduct similar investigations in other countries as needed. WHO Director-General Tredos Adnom Ghebreyes said last month that it is most important to detect the source of the virus. This is science, this is a matter of public health. Knowing everything about the virus, we can deal with it better. This also includes knowing how it started.

Scientists speculate that the corona virus came from animals to humans. It is possible that this happened in Wuhan market of China, where the virus was revealed in December 2019. Recently, the virusist Li-Meng Yan, who left Hong Kong and reached the US, revealed China’s lies on the corona virus, saying that China knew about the virus before the virus was introduced to the world. He also claimed that the Chinese government had hidden information about the virus at the highest level. 

Li-Meng Yan claimed that the Chinese government refused to allow foreign experts, including Hong Kong researchers, to conduct research on their own. It may be known that the first case of corona was reported in Wuhan city of China in December last year and spread from there to the whole world. US President Donald Trump has also been accusing China of hiding information. Not only this, they have also accused the World Health Organization of not taking responsibility and favoring China. Corona has been deeply affected by China’s image worldwide.