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January 24, 2021

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What is ‘lightning fall’, how can you avoid it, learn

There have been many incidents of lightning this year, in which there has been considerable loss of life and property. In Bihar and Uttar Pradesh, on July 2, Thursday more than 100 people died due to lightning strikes.

In 2020, the problems of citizens of the country are increasing day by day instead of decreasing. While on one hand the Corona epidemic is not taking its name, on the other hand in Bihar and Uttar Pradesh, on 2 July Thursday, more than 100 people died due to lightning. After all, what is this thunder storm and why does it come. How will the situation be in India in the coming days?

ABP News spoke to Dr. Janamani, scientist of Meteorological Department and Dr. Ashok Kumar, Professor of Physics, Ramjas College, Delhi University and asked questions related to it.

Why does electricity fall more in the village than in the cities Which places are more at risk of lightning ?

Dr. Janamani has
big houses, parks and trees in the cities, then people get a place to stay. If you stay in a closed house, you will remain. Heavy charge cannot reach people, goes straight to the ground. People who sow crops in villages work in open fields, there is no tree even for miles, so there is a high risk of electricity.

Dr. Ashok Kumar
First of all it is important to understand that what is electricity, that is, thunder. When water-filled clouds fly in the air, charge keeps accumulating in them. Due to the accumulation of charge, the potential in it means that the potential keeps increasing. The potential increases so much that it reaches millions of volts and the potential of the earth is zero, thus the potential difference between the two becomes very high. Due to this, current starts flowing downward due to high voltage. Though there is no conductor in the meantime, but due to potential difference, electricity falls, ie there are coldstorms.

Now, the reason why electricity is more difficult in villages than in cities, the main reason for this is that electricity wants us to find a driver on the way, cities have high buildings and most buildings and towers have earth conductors. Those who are connected in the ground, due to which the electricity falling goes into the ground by those drivers and there is no harm to the house or life and property. There are no such high towers in the village, so the effect of lightning is clearly visible there.

2- Is there a reason for increasing mobile connection and internet connectivity in the villages ?

 As soon as Dr. Janamani sees
black clouds and lightning in the sky, then the mobile should not be used in open land. But due to the tower and the pole, there is not much electricity falling, but power stops. The whole charge goes directly into the ground by putting it on the mobile tower. That is why no person should take shelter under a tree or tower, rather lie flat on the ground, or go inside the house.

Dr. Ashok Kumar
Lightning connection is not at all with mobile connection or internet connectivity. It is sure that if there is a tower in the village, do not have to stand near it because the electricity will be close from there, then if a person stands nearby or touches it, then he may be in danger.

3- Why don’t electricity fall in cities like Delhi Mumbai ?

Dr. Janamani
lightning incident is less in Delhi. Most of the lightning incidents occur in interior Mumbai. Apart from Bihar, Odisha, Chhattisgarh and Jharkhand also fall in the danger zone. Although less electricity falls in the month of June but more people die because it is time to farm, whereas in the month of May electricity falls more, but due to excessive heat and no sowing time, most people in homes Are rarely and are less vulnerable to it.

Dr. Ashok Kumar
The chances of becoming lightning and falling are equal in villages and cities. Wherever it rains or clouds form, the power will be bitter and there is a possibility. But there are high rise buildings, highways and flyovers in cities and conductors are installed everywhere, due to which the electricity falls on it, then it goes into the ground by the conductor which again does not cause damage. Along with life and property, all appliances such as TVs, fridges, etc. are also safe because they do not have much high voltage. There are no such high buildings in the village, due to which high voltage comes in the electrical wires, high voltage also comes in the wires of the house, which also spoils the equipment, and the working farmers and laborers also fall victim to it. .

4- What measures should be taken to avoid loss due to lightning ?

There should be awareness and community preparedness about the warning being given by Dr. Janamani
IMD that people should not ignore it. The lightning fall can be told only an hour or two before. IMD also warns via SMS on mobile, but many times if people do not see the phone, then such a system is necessary to ring the siren. This year, the record of lightning incidents and destruction has broken.

Dr. Ashok Kumar
It is important to first understand when the lightning will fall. It cannot be predicted. To avoid this, do not just stand near any tall or wet tree, do not go to the fields in the open, because the workers and farmers who work in the field get their feet too wet due to the wetting of the land, induction goes later. Is, for electricity, a person also becomes a driver of convenience. In such a situation take shelter inside a pucca house. Use the umbrella to avoid the rain, but do not use the umbrella in the burning lightning, because it also contains conductors and can also be a danger.

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