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November 30, 2020

The Chhattisgarh

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We will not allow China to take possession, will provide military assistance to India: America

tensions in Washington, India and China, the US has bluntly said that whether it is the Pacific Ocean or beyond, we will not back down from our role of effective power. US President Donald Trump’s Chief of Staff Mark Meadows said that our stand will remain firm whether it is linked to China’s dispute with India or elsewhere. He also said that no country bordering China is safe from aggressive action by Beijing.

On the deployment of two aircraft carriers in the South China Sea amid tension, Meadows said, ‘Our message is clear. We will not remain mute spectators. Whether it is China or someone else, we will not allow any other country to take the status of the most powerful, effective force in that area or any other place. Our military strength is strong and will remain strong even further. Then whether it is related to the conflict between India and China or elsewhere. ‘

‘America is still the best military force in the world’
Meadows said that America’s mission is to ensure that the world knows that America is still the best military force in the world. The US statement came at a time when China said on Monday that troops stationed on the front front took ‘effective steps’ to ‘progress’ towards retreating and reducing tension in the Galvan Valley along the Line of Actual Control with India. Have been.

Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Zhao Lijan’s remarks came after government sources in New Delhi said that the Chinese army was seen removing tents and retreating from some areas in the Galvan Valley as the first sign of troops being withdrawn from the area. Galvan Valley is the place where 20 Indian soldiers received Veeragati in a clash between the soldiers of both the countries on 15 June. The clash also resulted in a loss to the Chinese army, which has not shared any details so far.

Seeing Chinese tents and structures being removed from ‘Point-14’
, sources in New Delhi said that the People’s Liberation Army patrolling point of China was seen removing their tents and structures from Point-14. He said vehicles of Chinese soldiers were seen returning to the common area of ​​Galvan and Gogra Hot Springs. Asked about the news of China’s withdrawal from the point of dispute in the Galvan Valley, Zhao said, “The troops stationed on the front are taking effective steps to retreat and reduce tension and progress has been made in this direction.” ‘

He said that the Chinese and Indian side held commander-level talks on 30 June and both sides are continuously working to implement the consensus reached in the first two rounds of negotiations. Zhao said, “We hope that the Indian side will implement the agreement through concerted action and continue close contact through military and diplomatic mechanisms to reduce tensions in the border areas.” Sources in New Delhi said that the withdrawal of Chinese troops has started as per the agreement between the core commanders of the two countries.

Both countries agree to take steps in a phased manner
The military officials of India and China held a third round of Lt. General level talks on 30 June last in which both sides agreed to take swift and phased steps as a ‘priority’ to end the deadlock. The first round of Lt General level talks were held on 6 June in which the two sides agreed to gradually withdraw from the deadlock points in the Galvan Valley. This was followed by a second round of meeting between the two sides on 22 June. Terrorism has continued between India and China forces in several areas of eastern Ladakh for the past eight weeks.