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December 5, 2020

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Victims of violence get support for Sakhi One Stop Center

Surajpur:Sakhi One Stop Center (Women and Child Development Department) for women and young women suffering from domestic violence including other methods has remained truly happy, Sukhapur in March 2017, Sakhi One Stop Center (Women and Child Development Department) Its main purpose is to provide assistance to women and women affected by violence in any way. Through the women’s helpline toll-free number (181) by the central government and the women who come to the office on their own feel free to file their grievances, then it starts with the women staff employed by the government staff employed in the Sakhi center run by the central government. work. Sakhi One Stop Center (Women and Child Development Department) has reached Surajpur in 1050 cases, In which successfully dismantling is being given with the help of counseling. And out of these, 380 women have also been provided shelter facility at the center. Through the center, a total of 18 women have been sent to the state mental hospital Sendi Bilaspur till the present situation in the district, out of which the women who have recovered are sent back to their families and some poor women to Nari Niketan for permanent shelter. has gone.     

Sakhi Center Surajpur has reported that most of the complaints received are domestic violence, sexual violence, rape, dowry harassment, illegal human trafficking, child marriage, gender selection and feticide, cheating, molestation, abduction, wandering woman, Taking the cases of deranged women and torture harassment, the Sakhi One Stop Center is counseling the family members including the complainants, most of the cases are resolved after consultation, which do not resolve the matter with consultation, They are presented to the court through the Protection Officer in the form of a D.E.R. file, or the police is provided assistance. Sakhi One Stop Center (Women and Child Development Department) is a very good platform for women suffering from violence to register their grievances and resolve the problem, Where privacy and free support is provided in women’s complaints. There is a need to bring more awareness towards this center, Sakhi One Stop Center is working under the Department of Women and Child Development, its office is located next to Mangal Bhawan, near Jail Para Road Road Shiv Park. Center of Sakha Center Administrator Vinita Sinha has urged the common people, village patrons, sub-lieutenants, secretaries and representatives to inform Sakhi One Stop Center, Women and Child Development Department if they have any problem and help related to needy women in the society. If possible, suffer to reach the center. 07775-266652 8963902181

Today reached the Sakhi Forest Center in 1050 cases Domestic Violence Longing Violence Rape Dowry Harassment Illegal Human Behavior Child Marriage Link Selection Bharu Murder Fraud Impeachment Straying Stray Women Opposition This woman and all the cases of harassment are coming in front,