June 5, 2023

Raipur. Vegetable in the capital has suddenly become expensive due to reduced arrival of vegetables from other states. Vegetables that have been getting 20 to 30 rupees per kg in this season, their price has doubled in just four days. On Monday, Shastri market sold between 55 and 60 rupees per kg of native tomato quality. Tomato rate has doubled in 4 days. Eggplant has reached 30 kg. There is abundance of coral trees from villages to cities in the state, but the same is selling 15 to 20 rupees. According to traders, this situation has arisen due to lower arrival in expensive diesel and corona, but hoped that in 10-15 days the rate will start coming down.
In the state’s largest wholesale market, Shastri market and Doomratrai, Bhaskar has also found higher wholesale prices of vegetables. Right now about 80 percent of the consumption in the capital and the state is being supplied from states like Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan, Karnataka etc. Potatoes and parwal are coming from Bengal, onions from Nashik, garlic from Indore and Kota, tomatoes from Bengaluru, cabbage and cabbage from Chhindwara. According to traders, they are expensive in their own states. Therefore, their price has increased in bulk here. According to traders, truckers are saying that the transporters have increased the freight due to expensive diesel. This is impacting the rate of imported vegetables. After that the wholesaler here are opening the rate only by extracting the entire cost and profits. The rate at which vegetables are coming here from other states, their rate is doubling as they reach the Chilhar businessman.  
Less in local farms
Farmers known for vegetables in the state, Durg, Dhamdha, Saja, Raipur and nearby districts have not planted much vegetables this year due to corona. Tomatoes etc. are also not very successful in rain. Therefore, traders of the state depend on other states for supply. In states from which vegetables come, there is more outbreak of corona. Business there is therefore affected. Farmers say that vegetables planted in May-June will come by September-October. Then the supply will increase. 

“Most of the vegetables available in the market right now are imported. Their rates are also high in their native states, so it has increased here. The vegetable rate will start coming down again in 10 days, it is expected
. – T. Srinivasa Reddy, President Dumratrai Wholesale Vegetable Market

Vegetable Price in Bulk and Chilhar

capsicum40 to 5070 to 80
tomatoes35 to 4050 to 60 
cauliflower30 to 4080 to 100 
Banded13 to 1425 to 30,
Bitter gourd30 to 3550 to 60 
Taroi          12 to 1525 to 30
ladyfinger15 to 1830 to 40
carrot 15 to 2030 to 40
potato20 to 2328 to 30
onion       10 to 1315 to 20
Garlic    80 to 90100 to 120
Kochi20 to 2230 to 40
Kundru15 to 2030 to 40
Radish15 to 2030 to 40
chilli20 to 2535 to 40 
Ebb25 to 3040 to 50
Gourd10 to 1420 to 25