June 10, 2023

New Delhi. Prices of green vegetables, except potatoes and onions, have doubled in the national capital of the country in the last one month due to crop failure in the rainy season and rising prices due to rising diesel prices. Similarly, the prices of vegetables and fruits have increased in other major cities of the country, due to which the budget of kitchen of housewives has deteriorated. Housewife Sarika, who lives in Mandavali area of ​​Delhi, says that in the crisis period of the corona epidemic, people are going to jobs and those who are in jobs are being cut, while food and vegetables like pulses and pulses are being cut. Prices have gone up making it difficult to run the kitchen. He said that the prices of vegetables have almost doubled in the last one month, due to which the budget of the kitchen has completely deteriorated.

According to the traders, there is no scope for the price of vegetables to decline at present as the arrivals are decreasing due to crop failure during the rainy season. Wholesale prices of potatoes were also recorded this week.

M.R. President of the Chamber of Azadpur Fruits and Vegetables Association Kripalani said that once the arrival of vegetables is decreasing due to rain, the increase in diesel prices has increased the cost of transportation of vegetables and fruits, the effect of which is being seen in the prices. He said that in the present situation there is no scope of decline in prices of fruits and vegetables.

Raidas, a Greater Noida retailer, said that the increase in vegetable prices sometimes leads to losses. He said that the vegetables are getting expensive and due to the rains are getting worse, due to which the losses have to be suffered.

Starting June 7, the price hike of petrol and diesel started. Although the price of petrol has been stable for the past fortnight, the price of diesel has also increased on Friday due to which the diesel price has increased by about 12 rupees liter in the capital of Delhi since June.

Asked about the impact of the hike in diesel price on freight, General Secretary of All India Motor Transport Congress Naveen Gupta said that while the increase in diesel price has increased the impact on freight, freight has increased in the same sectors where transportation has increased. Demand remains constant. It is evident that there is a need to transport vegetables daily, there is demand always. Gupta said that where there is a demand for transport, there has been a 10 per cent increase in freight.