June 7, 2023

Knowledge of second language increases the chances of career growth. Educational institutions are closed due to Korena infection. In such a situation, students are learning new languages ​​like French, Spanish and German in this free time and opening a new path for progress. Along with this, they are also increasing their job options. Professionals are not far behind in increasing their knowledge and skills in the Corona era. They are also attending the online classes of the government and private training institutes operating in the city. Foreign language learners have doubled in three and a half months. Many people are learning foreign languages ​​through YouTube channels. Experts say that the demand for foreign languages ​​has increased during this period of Corona.

Training of French language through videos  
Simran Jeet Singh Khaira, who lives in Tatibandh, is an engineer in the Merchant Navy. He said, I understood the need to learn French while on duty. Because French is used as an official language in most countries. It is easy to learn because both its alphabet and English alphabet are almost identical. There is no need to learn new alphabets to read French. But grammar, rules have to be learned. I am running Learn French with Apple channel for French Learning since April during lockdown. In this, many people approach the class. I create 15 to 20 minute videos that have basics of learning French. A video takes 8 to 10 days to make. Have uploaded 10 videos so far. I believe that free time can be better used by learning other languages. 

More than 250 people have inquired for German, French,
said Siddharth Kumar of a language learning center, “In the last three months more than 250 people have inquired to learn German, Spanish and French. They have the highest number of students. Right now they have a lot of time, which they can take advantage of. In cities like Bangalore, Hyderabad and Gurugram, centers of information technology, there is a great demand for young people with knowledge of foreign languages. After the corona infection conditions are normal, such youth can make a career as a tourist guide or tour operator under the tourism industry.

Every year the demand for new language is increasing, so that better exposure
can be given to the knowledgeable and trained German language professor. Neeta Gupta said, every year many students and professionals apply to learn foreign languages. This figure is increasing every year. Their only aim is that they can work in foreign companies without any hassle and can improve their career. Extra-language weightage also increases in the resume of students going to international companies for jobs or for higher studies from foreign universities. Most of the companies are giving priority to such people who have other languages ​​besides English.