June 10, 2023

You may have heard the names of Apollo and Soyuz Yan. These are the only two such vehicles. Whose history is still known as the first step on the moon. Even if the efforts of the United States and Russia were to send these vehicles to the moon. But do you know An Indian was first sent to the moon. India’s Rakesh Sharma was first sent to space from Russia’s Soyuz-T.

The United States, Russia and China contribute the most to mission missions sent to the moon to unearth the mysteries of the moon. The United States and Russia launched several programs to unravel the mysteries of the moon.

In this episode, on July 15 and 16, 1975, American astronauts were sent to Apollo and Soyuz vehicles simultaneously. After noon on 16 July, the two vehicles parted and met again. Both Apollo and Soyuz were separate vehicles.

Apollo was America’s vehicle, while Soyuz was Russia’s vehicle. In 1975, when these two vehicles were sent to space, they were separated. But today, after 55 years, both the vehicles have got together. Let me tell you, India also contributed to this important campaign. Today, after years of this campaign, India, a company working in India on Twitter, has reported that Apollo and Soyuz vehicles have gone to this special mission.