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November 26, 2020

The Chhattisgarh

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‘Total Entertainment’: Ravi Shastri’s ‘Iconic Line’ on Team’s Philosophy Takes Twitter by Storm

In a victory, India defeated South Africa on the fourth day of the 3rd Test Match series at Ranchi’s JSCA International Stadium today.

India won by an inning and 202 runs and had dominated the field since the start of the third and the final test match.

Following the success, a triumphant Indian coach spoke of the country’s victory and lauded the mindset of the Indian cricket team led by Virat Kohli.

In an interview, Ravi Shastri said, “Pitch ko nikalo game se, bhaad mein gaya pitch. 20 wickets niklana hai. Chaahey Johannesburg ho, chaahey India ho, chaahey Mumbai ho. chaahey Delhi ho, chaahey Auckalnd ho jidhar bhi. Chaahey Melbounre ho. (Take the pitch out of the game, hell with the pitch. We have to take those 20 wickets, whether it’s Johannesburg, India, Mumbai, Delhi, Auckland. Even so Melbourne, doesn’t matter).”

The video was tweeted by a user, @hobart_133, who captioned the video as, “Straight line. Dashed line. Dotted line. Iconic line.”

The 13-second clip has garnered nearly 900 likes and 380 retweets.

Twitterati did what they do; while few acclaimed Sahnkar’s enthusiasm others added pun to the morning energy.

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