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December 1, 2020

The Chhattisgarh

Beyond The Region


New Delhi. The tomato has turned red again as the rainy season begins. Tomato was being sold at Rs 70 per kg on Friday in the country’s capital Delhi and surrounding areas. Due to poor crop during the rainy season, prices of tomatoes have come down. However, the prices are expected to fall after the arrival of new crop from next week.

In the last one month, the price of tomatoes has increased by 10 times the wholesale price. A month ago, the price of tomatoes in Delhi’s Azadpur mandi was running from Rs 1.25 to Rs 4.75 per kg, where the wholesale price was Rs 6.44 per kg on Friday.

Talking about the model rate, the model rate of tomato was Rs 3 per kg in Azadpur mandi on June 3, which has increased to Rs 29 per kg, which is about 10 times higher. The wholesale price of tomatoes rose to Rs 52 per kg in Mandi a day earlier, which means there has been an increase of about 995% in the last one month. Due to the rise in wholesale prices, tomato prices in Delhi-NCR rose by Rs 80 per kg on Thursday. The retail tomato was being sold at Rs 50.70 per kg in Greater Noida.

Azadpur Agricultural Produce Marketing Committee (APMC) Chairman Adil Ahmad Khan said that prices have increased due to reduced arrival of tomatoes. The arrival of tomatoes in Azadpur mandi was 528.2 tonnes on June 3, while the arrival on July 3 was 281.6 tonnes. Thus, the arrivals have reduced to almost half in a month. The arrival of tomatoes had come down to 241.9 tonnes a day earlier due to which the wholesale price was Rs 6.52 per kg while the model rate was Rs 32 per kg.

He said that the price of all vegetables and fruits, not only tomatoes, has increased, a big reason for which is the increase in the price of diesel. He said that the increase in diesel price has increased the transportation cost of vegetables.

Although Khan said that tomato will not be very red anymore, from next week, the arrival of new crop from Himachal Pradesh is going to catch up. After which the prices will fall. He said that at present 90 percent of the arrival in Delhi is coming from Himachal Pradesh, that 10 percent is coming from Haryana and Karnataka.

Consumption of all green vegetables, including tomatoes, onions, declined during the past months due to the shutdown of hotels, restaurants, canteens and dhabas due to the nationwide lockdown during the Corona period, which led to a significant fall in prices. The wholesale price of tomato was reduced to less than one rupee per kg.

M.R. President of the Chamber of Azadpur Fruits and Vegetables Association Kripalani said that due to crop failure in the rainy season, the arrivals are decreasing. He said that the farmers were upset due to the lower prices earlier and now are upset with the crop failure. (IANS)