Tomato and other vegetables prices soared in Corona virus crisis, messed up kitchen budget

Tomato and other vegetables prices soared in Corona virus crisis, messed up kitchen budget

July 10, 2020 Off By Vishnu Mahanand

On one side there is an employment crisis due to the Corona virus, on the other hand, the budget of the kitchen of the people has been completely messed up. The tomato which was sold in the month of June at Rs 20 per kg, today its price is 70 per kg. Prices of potato, tomato, okra, gourd, brinjal, luffa have also been increased.

Who has lost his job due to Corona epidemic, now how to arrange for food in such high inflation? At the same time, vegetable traders say that the prices of tomatoes and other vegetables have increased due to increase in the rate of corona virus and diesel.

Ibrahim, a tomato vendor in Ghazipur vegetable market, says that the tomato that comes at this time is from Himachal Pradesh and Uttarakhand. Due to the arrival of hilly areas, it has become much more expensive. At the same time, Rahul, a retail seller of tomatoes, says that due to the monsoon season, many vegetables get spoiled. In such a situation, the price of tomatoes increases when there is less arrival.

Earlier, tomatoes came from Shivpuri Lavada and Bengaluru in Madhya Pradesh. So it was very cheap in the month of June and sold 20 rupees a kg. Uday, who came to buy vegetables in the Ghazipur vegetable market, says that the entire budget of the house has deteriorated due to the rate increase. In this case, only cheap vegetables are being taken home.

Satya Dev Prasad Gupta, Chairman of the Agricultural Produce Marketing Committee in Ghazipur Mandi said that the prices of vegetables increase every year due to the monsoon. This crisis has increased due to Corona.

Let us know that the hoarding of vegetables increases as soon as the monsoon starts because the movement of goods slows down due to rain. Therefore, the difference between demand and supply is also considered to be a reason behind the rise in prices of vegetables. This is why retail traders increase the retail prices of vegetables.