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Today – Tuesday, September 1, 2020, so Shree Ganesh Visarjan!

There are many religious beliefs about Shree Ganesh immersion.

* Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj started public Sree Ganesh Pujan during his reign, then the great leader of the country, Lokmanya Tilak, started Ganeshotsav as an opportunity to tie the country together.

According to Dharmadhana, Maharishi Ved Vyas, after narrating the story of Mahabharata, took him to the nearby lake to calm the temperature of Lord Sriganesh.

* Because, Ved Vyas started narrating the story of Mahabharata to Lord Ganesha from the day of Ganesh Chaturthi and continued to write Sriganesh Katha without resting for ten days, due to which the temperature of Sriganesh’s body increased enormously.

To reduce the temperature of Shree Ganesha’s body, Ved Vyas took him to the lake and made him cool, that day was Anant Chaturdashi, so from that time the religious tradition of immersing the Shree Ganesh idol started.

* Devotees bring Ganapati Bappa with a welcome on Sri Ganesh Chaturthi, worship him for ten days and immerse him on the day of Anant Chaturdashi!

– today’s Horoscope –  

Aries: – The mind will be engaged in the worship. There will be benefit of satsang. Dev-darshan will be planned. A state of profit will be overcome by removing the state hurdle There will be an opportunity to do social work. Business will do fine. Income will increase. Will be happy Will be able to take the courage to take risks.

Taurus: – Do not be negligent in the use of vehicles and machinery. Do not encourage controversy. Hard work will be more. Health found will remain weak. Valuable items may be lost. Avoid maladjustment. Follow the advice of seniors. would benefit. Business will do fine. Do not risk

Gemini: – Marital life will be happy. State support will be received. Income will increase. Will get the support of subordinates. Will be able to dare to take the risk. Outside work can be done. Will be happy Do not get into the words of others. Be careful in transactions. would benefit.

Cancer: – Rights can increase in job. Great property deals can give great benefits. Will get employment You will get success in exams and competition etc. Good luck Work stuck for many days will now be completed. There will be happiness outside the house. Do not encourage controversy.

Leo sign: – Creative work will be successful. You will enjoy party and picnic. You will get the pleasure of favorite food. Business will give you favorable benefits. You will get support and guidance from friends and relatives. Work may expand. Read the necessary papers carefully.

Virgo sign: – Due to improper behavior of someone, self-esteem can be hurt. Do not encourage controversy. Sad news can be found. Do not expect from others. Do your own work. Avoid risk and collateral work. Business will be profitable. Be patient

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