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December 3, 2020

The Chhattisgarh

Beyond The Region

The Virtual Meeting Between The Foreign Ministers Of Russia, India And China (RIC) Began On Tuesday.

During this time India’s Foreign Minister S Jaishankar said, ‘The world’s leading voices should be exemplary in every way. Respecting international law, recognizing the legitimate interest of partners, supporting multilateralism and promoting goodness is the way to build a sustainable world order. ‘

In a meeting through video conferencing, he said, “This special meeting reiterates our belief in the principles of long-standing international relations, but the challenge today is to practice it equally, not concepts and norms.” 
The virtual meeting between the foreign ministers of India, Russia and China also called for permanent membership of India in the UN Security Council. Russia’s Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said that the meeting also raised the possibility of possible reforms in the United Nations and making India a permanent member of the UN Security Council. He said that we feel that India deserves to become its full-time member and we will fully support India’s claim. 
During this, he also referred to Doctor Kotnis. He said that Dr. Kotnis was one of the five Indian doctors who went for medical aid in 1938 during the Second Sino-Japanese War. 

Russian Foreign Minister said that the situation is expected to remain peaceful,
on the ongoing dispute between India and China on the border, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said that I do not think India and China need any help from outside. No one needs to help them, especially when it comes to the issues of the country. They can settle their dispute on their own. In the meeting of Foreign Ministers of Russia-India and China, the Russian Foreign Minister said that we hope that the situation will remain peaceful and both countries will remain committed to peaceful resolution of disputes.

He said that New Delhi and Beijing have expressed their commitment to a peaceful solution. The two countries started meetings at the level of defense officials, foreign ministers, and neither of the two sides made any such statement indicating that either of them wanted to resolve the dispute in a non-diplomatic manner.

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