May 30, 2023
  • Target to provide tap connection to 2.80 lakh houses with a project of 3054 crores
  • Null connections reached 18.33% of households in rural areas by March 2019

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Thursday laid the foundation for the Manipur Water Supply Project through video conferencing. Modi said – We have to keep fighting vigorously against Corona, we have to win. Along with this, the works of development have to be increased with full force. Peace is being established in the North-East. The mantra of Peace, Progress and Prosperity is echoing.

8 big things about Prime Minister’s speech

1. Dual Challenge

Eastern and North-Eastern India are faced with dual challenges. Heavy rains are causing a lot of damage. Many people have died. Many people have to leave the house. The Government of India is constantly trying to meet the needs with all the state governments. The state government is working day and night to control the corona infection in Manipur. The state government took every necessary step, including bringing people back in lockdown. This is the way to help the poor in this time of crisis.

2. Jeevandhara along with water stream

Today is a big day for millions of colleagues from Manipur, especially for sisters. The festival of Rakhi is about to come, before that it will be the beginning of a very big gift to the sisters of Manipur. Water supply project to be completed at a cost of 3,000 crores will reduce water problems for the people here. For more than 1,700 villages, the water stream coming out of this project will work as a lifeline. This project has been designed keeping in mind the needs of the next 20-22 years, not only today. Its work did not stop even in lockdown.

3. Ease of Living
Everyone is entitled to the ease of living. Money may be less, but everyone has the right to ease of living. Especially, the poor are entitled to the tribals. The whole of India, including Manipur, has declared open defecation free. Every family is connected to electricity. LPG gas has reached the kitchen of the poorest of the poor. Every village is being connected by good road. Good homes are being provided to every poor and homeless. There was a big shortage of clean water, to complete it, work is also going on at the mission diversion.

4. North-East East Asia’s Gateway to
Better Living is directly related to connectivity. Connectivity of North-East is necessary for the people of Ease of Living. North-East is a gateway to cultural relations with East Asia. In 6 years, thousands of crores have been invested on the entire North-East infrastructure. Efforts have been made to connect the capitals of the North-East states with four lanes and villages with major roads. About 3,000 km of roads have been prepared for this. Work on 7,000 km of projects is progressing rapidly. There is a big change in rail connectivity 

5. Tourism also benefits from modern infrastructure.
Today there are about 13 small and large operational airports in the North-East. Another major work is happening for the North-East. There is a big revolution in the area of ​​in-land-waterways. In future, the connectivity here will not be limited to the Siliguri corridor. Work is being done on seamless connectivity. North-East is a great symbol of the country’s natural and cultural diversity, On-Ban-Shan. In such a situation, tourism will also get boosted by becoming a modern infra. ”

6. North-East
North-East towards Aman has  the potential to become the growth engine of the country’s development. Peace is being established here. The mantra of Peace, Progress and Prosperity is echoing. I heartily thank the citizens of North-East, especially Manipur, that you supported us. The era of violence that has been going on for decades has come to an end. Violence has come to an end in Tripura and Mizoram as well. If better infra, connectivity and peace all grow together then the possibilities for industries and investment increases. 

7. Approval of the park for bamboo industry
is very strong in bamboo (bamboo) of North-East. A park has already been given permission to promote the bamboo industry in the North-East. There is also work on making bio fuel in Numaligarh. This will greatly benefit the youth and startups. The state that is more active will benefit. I am confident that Manipur will take full advantage. It is our endeavor that the youth of Manipur get employment opportunities in their state.

8. Finally at the end of the
speech referring to the corona, the PM again mentioned the corona crisis. Said, “We have to keep strengthening the path of growth and trust. There were no interruptions in our dreams. We can work before the deadline. Mothers and sisters bless us like this. The festival of Rakshabandhan is about to come, in such a situation, I request your blessings. tack care. The North-East is already acting as a role model in cleanliness, but looking at the corona, it is important to leave a habit of two yards, sanitization and spitting. It is the biggest weapon against Corona. “

What is Manipur Water Supply Project?
The project has been designed to provide tap connections to 2,80,756 households in 1,731 villages in 25 towns and 16 districts of Manipur, homes in the Greater Imphal Planning Area. The central and state governments will together bear the cost. The Center has funded funds to reach 1,42,749 households in 1,185 villages. This is an important project to achieve the goal of ‘Har Ghar Jal’ by 2024.