The greenery of the forest in the district is now offering black coal

The greenery of the forest in the district is now offering black coal

July 9, 2020 Off By Vishnu Mahanand

According to the geographical delimitation of the Nazul branch, 14 coal mines operating in the district come under the ambit of 13 thousand hectares of land. This is the land where there used to be greenery years ago. Now there is no sign of trees here. It is not possible for plants to thrive due to the underground water source going down in the mine area. In the forested area, where 44% of the area of ​​Katghora block is affected, 9% area of ​​Korba block is deprived of greenery due to Kalari.

In contrast to the speed at which trees are axed to destroy greenery, plantation of plants has decreased. The felling of trees includes not only coal mines, but also harvesting for road construction and widening. Every year employment guarantee and forestry is being done by the department, but due to lack of security, the number of plants is decreasing day by day.

Rainfall is possible from the forest itself. The dwindling green section is proving to be the reason for rainfall. The district has received 1134 mm rainfall so far. Kartala and Katghora region have received less rainfall so far. So far, in the old mines where mining has stopped, it is difficult to grow trees of Sal, Tendu, Saaja species. The conditions are changing day by day due to the favorable environment and soil of natural trees. According to the geographical landscape of the district, the Kartala and Katghora blocks fall within the plains. In contrast, Korba, Pali and Uproda fall under the purview of the hilly region.

With the expansion of industrial arrangements, the survey for the new coal mine is underway at Budbud, Saraipali, Giddhamudi, Naqiya. The cutting of forests was not only done in industrial management or road widening, but also due to illegal harvesting of timber.

The right thing is being done through the construction of Rakhd Dame. Due to its expansion, the area of ​​Urvara land is being reduced. Plantation is done on behalf of the Industrial Management from the Forest Development Corporation to preserve the greenery. The department has not proved to be useless for many years due to no contract for plantation.

Plantation has become professional in today’s time. People can be seen photographing while planting trees. People forget to take care of the plant after planting it. It is not normal to give plants the form of trees. As far as cutting of trees for industrial development is concerned, the number of organizations or government who wants to cut trees should be prepared by giving as much trees as possible. Only then he should be allowed to cut trees. 

 100 times the tree should be planted in its place when the trees are harvested for industrial development. During the Corona period, the environment was improved to a great extent due to the stoppage of dirt in the rivers during vehicular shutdown. In the era of science, technical resources should be used for green development. In the closed mines, the soil should be made lingual by making it lingering so that greenery can expand from there. Unnecessary cutting should be.

– The Forest Department is capable of extending greenery. We all have to discharge the responsibility of protecting trees. After the opening of the Kalri area, the number of trees that have been cut so far has not been established in that number. For the conservation of trees to be visible at the ground level, it should be planned in a planned manner. So that it can be known what is the conservation status of the trees. Due to shortage of trees and natural calamity, birds have come down in Kanaki.