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January 17, 2021

The Chhattisgarh

Beyond The Region

Text of PM’s address at the launch of Garib Kalyan Rojgar Abhiyaan


Before this formal opening, I was talking to my brothers and sisters in Khagaria. Today, talking to all of you, the village has got some relief and satisfaction too. When the crisis of Corona epidemic started growing, all of you, be it the Central Government or the State Government, were in the concerns of both. During this time, whatever was there, he was tried to help. We also ran special labor trains for our laboring siblings!

Really, by talking to you today there was a freshness in your energy, and a sense of respect, a belief, I am feeling all this. Such a great crisis of Corona, the whole world was shaken in front of it, but you stood firm. The way Corona has been fought in the villages of India, it has also given a big lesson to the cities.

Think, our country with more than 6 lakh villages, in which more than two-thirds of the population of India, about 80-85 crore people live in the villages, you have effectively prevented the infection of Corona in that rural India. is. And this is the population of our villages, even if we include all the countries of Europe, it is much more than that. This population, including the whole of America, merge with Russia, merge with Australia, is even more than that. It is a great thing to confront such a large population with such courage, so much success with Corona. Every Indian can be proud for this. Awareness of our rural India has worked behind this success, our democratic systems up to the panchayat level, our health facilities, our medical center-wellness center, our cleanliness campaign have played an important role.

But in this too, our fellow working on the ground, village head, Anganwadi worker, Asha workers, Jeevika Didi, all of them have done a very good job. All these are the characters of Wah Wahi, deserve praise.


If this thing had happened in some other western country, there would have been much talk of this success at the international level in the world, how much would have been done. But we know that some people are hesitant to tell their point also, some people feel that the rural life of India will be appreciated, then what answer will they give in the world. You are entitled to this praise, you are entitled to this valor, you are entitled to such a big life and death game where it is played, the villagers are entitled to praise for surviving such a virus. Well, there is a nature of this method in the world. There are some people in our country who will not pat you on the back. Well, no one will pat you or pat you, I will keep on cheering you. I will keep talking about this great power of yours in the world. You have done the virtue of saving thousands and millions of people from Corona.

Today, even before the beginning of this program, the work that the villagers of India have done, the work that every village has done, every state has done, I pay respects to those who take care of such villages and villages!

Salute this power of the country’s poor, laborers, workers! Salutes to the villages of my country. Warm Regards. By the way, I have been told that a large modern testing machine of Corona Testing in Patna is also going to start work. With this machine, it will be possible to conduct around 1500 tests in a single day. Congratulations to the people of Bihar for this testing machine too.

My colleagues in the Union Cabinet joining this program, Respected Chief Minister of different states, Respected Nitish Babu, Ashok Gehlot ji, Shivraj ji, Yogi Adityanath ji, MP and MLA partner present, all officers, representatives of panchayats and technology. My greetings, my hard working colleagues associated with hundreds of villages of the country, my greetings to you all again !!

Today is a very historic day. Today a huge campaign has started for the welfare of the poor, for their employment. This campaign is dedicated to our laboring siblings, to the youth, sisters and daughters living in our villages. Most of them are workers who have returned to their homes during lockdown. They want to do something for the development of their village with their hard work and skills! They want to advance their village as long as they are in their village.

My labor colleagues, the country understands your feelings as well as your needs. Today, the poor welfare employment campaign starting from Khagaria is a great tool to fulfill this feeling, this need.

In Bihar, Uttar Pradesh, Jharkhand, Odisha, Madhya Pradesh and Rajasthan, this campaign will be carried out vigorously in 116 districts of these 6 states. It is our endeavor that through this campaign workers and workers should be given work near home. Till now you were advancing cities with your skill and hard work, now you will move your village, your area forward. And friends, you will be surprised to know that I got inspiration for this program from some workers.

Friends, I saw a news in the media. This news was from Unnao in Uttar Pradesh. A government school was made a quarantine center there. The workers who came back from the city were kept there. Many workers from Hyderabad were housed in this center. These workers were experts in dyeing-painting and POP work. They wanted to do something for their village. So he thought that he would keep eating like this for two times. Instead of that, use what we know about our skills. And see, while staying in a government school, these workers, with their skills, rejuvenated the school itself.

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