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December 5, 2020

The Chhattisgarh

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Technology Has Become So Advanced That Through A Smartphone You Can Do Almost All The Work.

Now check the heart rate with your mobile camera flash light, know what is the trick

Now you will not have to go to the doctor to get your heart rate checked. Now you can check heart rate only with the help of your mobile camera flash light

 Technology has become so advanced that through a smartphone you can do almost all the work. There was a time when mobiles were used only for talking, but now a lot can be done through it. Technology has advanced so much that now with the flashlight of the mobile camera, you can also find out about your heart rate.

With the help of your mobile camera flashlight, you can find out the heart rate, but for this you will also need an application. There are many apps with which you can check heart rate. One of these apps is Instant Heart Rate. These apps are available on Google Play Store.

This is how to do heart rate check

Open it after downloading the instant heart rate app on your smartphone

Now put your finger on the smartphone’s camera

After doing this, you have to wait like this for about a minute.

Now your heart rate will be seen on the app.

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