June 7, 2023

Canberra Cricket Australia (CA) interim CEO Nick Hawkley has said that Team India and support staff may have to stay in quarantine for 14 days during their tour of Australia in December this year.

Cricket activity has stalled all over the world due to Corona virus. Meanwhile, a test series is being held between the West Indies and England without an audience. After Corona starts cricket, teams may have to stay in the quarantine for a few days in the host country to go on a foreign tour. Earlier, the West Indies team also stayed in Quarantine for 14 days upon reaching England .

However, Hawkley also said that CA would take care that the players should not remain locked in the hotel room during the quarantine but also be allowed to train while staying there.
Earlier, Cricket Board of India (BCCI) President Sourav Ganguly also said that India, led by captain Virat Kohli, may have to stay in Quarantine for some time during their tour of Australia. It is noteworthy that a series of four Test matches will be held between India and Australia in December this year.

Hawkley said, I think it is defined in quarantine for two weeks. We are working to ensure that the team gets training during their stay in the quarantine, so that they can prepare.Hawkley also said that Indian players will have to undergo testing when they reach Australia. In the meantime CA is talking to the Australian government on the relaxation of the travel ban, so that the Indian team has no problem coming here.

The interim CEO said, “We would like a relaxation in travel restrictions for the series as there is little chance that international travel restrictions will be lifted by the time the Indian team visits.””We will get the players tested before boarding the aircraft and provide a quarantine system in view of the health protocol of the government,” he said. It is worth noting that in the Adelaide Oval where hotels are also present, there is a discussion on keeping the Indian team in quarantine.
“We need only a place where the quarantine hotel is in the stadium or near the hotel venue where the biological safety environment can be provided and there is no risk of infection,” Hawkley said. Safety of players is paramount for us. He said, there is also a hotel in Adelaide Oval and we are discussing about all the places where all the arrangements are available.