June 6, 2023

China on Tuesday (July 14) announced a ban on Lockheed Martin, America’s top arms manufacturing company. Beijing took this step in response to the US State Department approving the Pac-3 Air Defense Missile Agreement to Taiwan, which the company produces.

Addressing the media, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Zhao Lijian said, “China strongly opposes the US selling arms to Taiwan.” We call on the US to sincerely comply with the principle of ‘one China’, stop selling arms to Taiwan and end military relations with Taiwan so as not to further harm bilateral relations and peace and security in the Taiwan Straits Arrived. “

Zhao’s remarks come several days after the US State Department accepted Taiwan’s reauthorization request to sell the Patriot Advanced Capability- (Pac-3) air defense system. The system is estimated to cost $ 62 million. The US Defense Security Cooperation Agency (DSCA) said in a statement released on Thursday (July 9) that Congress (US Parliament) had already notified the potential sale.

US rejects China’s claim on South China Sea, US statement gives force to ASEAN

The US media quoted the DSCA statement as saying that Taiwan had requested to purchase parts of the PAC-3 missile defense system so that it could operate for an operational period of 30 years. Lockheed Martic Corporation is the main contractor for this agreement. A spokesman for the Chinese Foreign Ministry said that China has imposed a ban on Lockheed Martin as a retaliation. Zhao said, “China has decided to take all necessary steps.” We will ban Lockheed Martin, the main contractor for this sale. ” 

Analysts say the Chinese ban is indicative because Lockheed Martin does not sell any weapons to China. It is noteworthy that the relations between the two countries are increasing in bitterness over Xinjiang and other issues, and in this episode, on Monday (July 13), China retaliated by imposing visa restrictions on top US officials and politicians. The action was taken in response to a ban imposed by the US on three senior officials of the ruling Communist Party of China for allegedly violating human rights by targeting Uygar Muslims.

China has imposed visa restrictions on the US Congress of China-appointed Executive Commission (CECC), US Ambassador for International Religious Freedom Samuel Brownback, Congressman Chris Smith, top senator Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz. It is notable that the president of CECC is Rubio and has been vocal against China. At the same time, three are members of US President Donald Trump’s Republican Party. The Chinese government newspaper quoted Chinese experts as saying that selling America’s PAC-3 missile would not alter the balance of power of the Taiwan Strait, but would give Taiwan a false separatist force. 

It is notable that this is the second time this year that the US has approved the sale of arms to Taiwan. Earlier on 20 May, the US had approved the sale of 18 Mk-48 Mode-6 powerful torpedoes equipped with modern technology to Taiwan. China owes its share to Taiwan. Tensions between Beijing and Taipei have increased since the re-election of Taiwan’s President Sai-Ing-wen as Wen favors Taiwan’s independence.