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December 1, 2020

The Chhattisgarh

Beyond The Region

Stranded in pak, Solicitation of NORI Visa request to government, allow to come to india

There are Pakistanis living on long-term visas in India, who went to Pakistan on NORI visas for some work, but now they are stuck there due to the lockdown. NORI Visa ‘No Objection to Return to India’. 
On behalf of India, these visas would be issued to such Pakistanis who have married an Indian citizen and are living in India on long term visas. When they go to Pakistan for meeting relatives or for some other work, they are given NORI visas. 
Afsha Saif of Pakistan married Indian citizen Ahil Saif. She had been living in India for eight years. She went to her maternal home in Karachi after getting a NORI visa from Faridabad FRRO. She is stuck there due to foreign travel restrictions after the lockdown. Whereas, in the memorandum issued on 12 June by the Ministry of Home Affairs, the foreign nationals who are allowed to return are also those who have married an Indian.
She has two young children with Afsha Saif who are citizens of India by birth and hold Indian passports. He has released a video requesting the Government of India to return. There are about 500 people who went to Pakistan like this and are trapped there.
Pakistan-based Indian High Commission sources say 748 Indians have returned. 114 Indians are returning on 9 July. Apart from these, there are 70-80 more Indian nationals in Pakistan who are trying to return. Sources reveal that after this, work will be done on the return of those with NORI visas.