June 6, 2023
  • Russia did not tell China the reason to stop delivery of world’s best missile defense system
  • After China, India is the country to which Russia is giving this missile defense system, the first batch till the end of the year

China has got its friend Russia into trouble. Russia has halted the delivery of the S-400 missile defense system to China. China has called it a decision taken under pressure. However, he did not name any country. But, it clearly refers to India and America.

The S-400 is the best missile defense system in the world. Apart from Russia, only China has some units. India is going to get its first shipment this year.

When will delivery again
Russia not only suspend delivery of S-400. Rather, it has not even told China when it will be given to the missile defense system again. According to the news agency, “This time Russia has made it clear that it is stopping the delivery of S-400 missile to China.” A Chinese media report says – This step makes it clear that nothing is done just by negotiating arms procurement. It is important that you get not only the bills but also the weapons.

The decision taken under pressure
further stated in this report, “China believes that Russia has stopped delivery of the S-400 under pressure. China had even sent its troops to Russia to train this missile. Technical experts were also coming to China from Russia. Now it will not happen. ” According to Jinping government sources, Russia took the decision under pressure. A Chinese official said – Russia feels that if S-400 was delivered to China at the time of the epidemic, it will only increase China’s problems.

India vs China
China decided to buy this missile system before India. It has also sold the first sale in 2018. India will get this system by the end of this year. The special thing is that Russia has stopped the delivery of China but has reiterated its promise to deliver missiles to India on time.

One of the reasons for Russia’s move is the
friendly relationship between Russia and China. But now, it started souring. In fact, Russia recently arrested Valerie Mitko, president of its St. Petersburg Arctic Social Science Academy. Valery was under surveillance by intelligence agencies for several months. They are accused that they gave very sensitive military information to China and took money in return. Three more Valerie associates were also arrested. There are two Chinese citizens among them. Since then, there has been tension in the relationship between the two countries.

What is S-400 Missile Defense System?
The S-400 missile system is an updated version of the S-300. It will also eliminate missiles and fifth generation fighter aircraft falling within a radius of 400 km. The S-400 defense system will act as a missile shield to protect India from ballistic missiles with nuclear capability from Pakistan and China. This system can fire 72 missiles at a time. The system could also drop the F-35, America’s most advanced fighter jet. At the same time, it can simultaneously destroy 36 nuclear-capable missiles. After China, India is the second country to buy this defense system.