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January 18, 2021

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Shivraj Chouhan Trolled Over “Plagiarism” After He Shared “Poem By Wife”

Madhya Pradesh Chief Minister Shvraj Singh Chouhan has come under opposition attack, and has been accused of “plagiarism”, over a poem he shared on Twitter last month when his father-in-law had died.
Mr Chouhan’s father-in-law – Ghanshyam Das Masani – died on November 18 at the age of 88. Four days later, the BJP leader shared few lines of a Hindi poem titled – “Bauji” (Respected Father) – on his Twitter account to pay tribute, and said it was written by his wife Sadhna Singh.

The social media post, however, has sparked a controversy after a Madhya-Pradesh based writer and branding expert – Bhumika Birthare – claimed it was her poem. “I am like your niece, what will you get by stealing my poem. This poem was written by me. Hope you will not violate my rights as “Mama” is known for protecting the rights,” she said on Twitter on Monday, tagging the Chief Minster, popularly known as “Mama-ji’ (uncle)’.

“Kindly give the credit to me sir. The poem is written by me and its title is “Daddy” and not “Baauji”. Don’t do injustice to my feelings for my father,” she said in a series of tweets, and also tagged Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

Ms Bithare said she had written the poem when she was grieving the loss of her father. “I wrote what I went through as I performed the last rites of my father. I used my phone’s notepad to write, and the date and time was mentioned. I also shared it on my family WhatsApp group,” she recalled.