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December 5, 2020

The Chhattisgarh

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Sea Robbers Used To Loot Only Fish From This Ship

Andre Dolgov or STS-50. Yes, it was his name. Sometimes it was also known as Sea Breeze-1. It was a ship that robs the oceans.

The Andre Dolgov ship was part of an international criminal network, which operated in a very organized manner. This ship caught rare fish from the oceans and smuggled them for almost 10 years. Many attempts to catch it failed. Because this ship was successful in dodging every time.

But one day this group of robbers climbed up the task force of Indonesia. Looking at this rusty, old ship, no one could say that it was the most wanted ship in the world.

At the time when Indonesian naval officer Andre Dologov climbed, there was a pile of fishing nets. These were such huge webs that they could be spread over 29 kilometers.

With this help, this ship caught fish worth six million dollars at a time. Then either they were black-marketed. Or, they were mixed and sold along with legitimate caught fish.

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