June 5, 2023

India is called a country of festivals, the tradition of celebrating festivals together with pomp and gaiety has been going on for centuries. The tradition of celebrating the festival in public for centuries also provides a means of employment to many people, but the rising outbreak of Corona virus has had a direct impact on the festivals this time.
In view of the danger of spreading the corona virus, the Madhya Pradesh government has banned public building of big pandals and installing a big idol, appealing to people to celebrate Ganesh festival in their homes.

The festival of Ganesh Utsav and Durga Puja are the major festivals celebrated in public here. On Ganesh Utsav and Durgapuja, big idols are made by making huge attractive pandals. This year, due to Corona’s growing transition, when the government stopped celebrating Ganesh Utsav in public, it has directly affected the sculptors.

The sculptor who runs his house throughout the year by making an idol of Lord Ganesha and Mother Durga every year is now forced to stumble at a rate. .
Bharat Prajapati, who made a big sculptor in Bhopal, says that every year Ganesh used to do business of 10 – 12 lakhs in Utsav and Durga Puja and spend the family with the same money throughout the year, but this time there is no question of earning this matter How will they return the money that the idol had created by raising money on interest from the market. Bharat says that
it has become difficult to run his house due to Corona already, now it is time to die hungry.