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December 2, 2020

The Chhattisgarh

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Samsung Galaxy S20+ first impressions: Gray colour is boring, but display steals the show

Samsung may have stumbled in the budget and mid-range segments, but its premium phones have remained top-notch. Take the Galaxy S-series for example. Samsung’s flagship phones over the years have set new benchmarks for Android smartphones with a variety of industry-first features. 2019’s Galaxy S10 marked Samsung’s big leap of faith in the design department. This year, Samsung has upped the specs ante, especially with a 108-megapixel camera and 100x zoom. But that’s on the Galaxy S20 Ultra which we are yet to try.

Today, we take a closer look at the Galaxy S20 Plus, a mid-tier phone in the new flagship series. It’s an interesting smartphone as it isn’t the cheapest in the lot nor does it boast Galaxy S20 Ultra’s over-the-top specifications. Read on.

Samsung Galaxy S20+ has bigger dimensions than the predecessor, Galaxy S10+. This, however, doesn’t really affect the in-hand usage. It’s comfortable to hold and feels pretty light as well. Probably my biggest gripe with the Galaxy S20+ is the gray colour which is quite boring. This shade of gray looks quite dull for a premium phone that costs over Rs 70,000. Colour is subjective though and others might disagree with me. The phone comes in two more colours that are blue and white.

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