June 9, 2023

Samsung’s Galaxy Note 10 is one of the most heavily leaked phone off late and we still have a few more months to go, before it’s rumoured launch in late-August. The rumours so far point at there being two models of the Note 10 — both are said to pack in top-of-the-line specifications and will only differ in size and perhaps camera capabilities. It was previously rumoured that the phone will also ditch the traditional physical buttons for volume and power in favour of capacitive buttons but this rumour has been debunked according to a new update. Word on the street is that both models will come with physical buttons in place of the pressure-sensitive buttons.

Android Police initially reported that the Galaxy Note 10 won’t have a headphone socket or physical volume and power keys, but soon posted another update, only to say that the phone will indeed have physical keys. The site said it received information from a reliable source which confirmed that Samsung’s original plan was to use pressure sensitive buttons but changed plans mid-way and will now be using regular buttons. It’s unclear what prompted Samsung to change its plans suddenly. Possibly the pressure sensitive buttons didn’t test favourably when they did a focus group testing or maybe they weren’t that responsive or easy to use as traditional buttons.

Another thing that’s also confirmed as per the report is that Samsung will in fact ditch the Bixby key, which falls in line with an earlier case leak, and from the looks of it, it headphone socket won’t be present either. Just yesterday, tipster Ice Universe claimed that the Galaxy Note 10 will feature a Screen on Display technology, which should be similar to the Screen Sound technology it used on the Galaxy M40. This means, the phone will also be ditching the earpiece in favour of a wider screen-to-body ratio. The leaked, purported screen protectors of the Galaxy Note 10 points to a dual curved sides and a massive display, with a tiny cutout in the middle for a hole-punch selfie camera.

Another leaked screen protector for the Galaxy Note 10 shows a big difference in the display size between the standard and Pro model. This leak also clearly shows a slightly different texture towards the bottom portion of the screen protector, for the in-display fingerprint sensor, which will most likely be of the ultrasonic variety like it is on the Galaxy S10 series.

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