June 5, 2023

Jagran Bureau, New Delhi. The way Reliance Jio has laid the foundation of becoming a full-fledged communication technology based company will not only challenge Chinese companies in 5G service but it will also challenge Chinese companies’ dominance in India’s handset market in the coming days. . In fact, the way Mukesh Ambani, Chairman of Reliance Industries, has said to convert all the 2G service providers of the country into 4G and 5G, is a threat to the existing telecom companies offering mobile services. This is the reason why the announcement of Jio is being said to hit two targets with one stone. 

Jio officials say that the new handset offered by their company will probably be the world’s first handset with all equity shareholding companies made from hardware to software. The basic hardware of the new mobile handset will be made by Qualcomm and Intel, while its operating system will be from Google. It is believed that Google will develop a special Android operating system for this separately. Facebook and WhatsApp will also help on their behalf. All the above companies are partnership companies of Reliance Jio. 

India has a huge 2G market of 35 crore customers behind bringing all these companies together. These customers are still using feature phones. The company is assuming that about 6-8 million 2G customers can be easily converted into 4G smartphone customers, which will be a completely new market for all the above companies.

This preparation of Reliance Jio may have an indirect effect on Airtel, BSNL, as more than 35 million 2G customers currently belong to these companies. This is not the first time Jio has attracted customers from other mobile companies. Even before this, it has attracted 60 million mobile phone customers from other companies.

The company’s chairman Mukesh Ambani said on Wednesday that he wanted to make India completely 2G free. He has set a target of increasing Jio’s subscribers to 50 crore in the next three years. To achieve this, they have to bring existing 2G customers of other companies under their umbrella. The company had 38.75 crore subscribers as of March 2020 and is India’s largest telecom company with 33.47 per cent market share.