June 2, 2023

The decision was made public by the Chief Minister during ‘Intellectuals Meet’ organized by Group of Thinkers (GoT) here on Saturday.

However, a section of Raipurians have favored using of the multi-million rupees structure for some better purpose in place of razing it to the ground.

Vinay Mishra a resident of New Rajendra Nagar locality opined that the structure should be brought down as it is practically of no use. “Skywalk has made the road congested and now it is better to get rid of it,” he said.

Pramod Jaiswal, a student opined that the project should not have been constructed in the first place. The money could have been used for other important works like developing school infrastructure. It should be brought down, he said.

Dr Jawahar Surisetti, leading educationist opined, Rs Rs converting the flyover for other useful purposes is not possible as the pillars would not be able to sustain the load. However, if two-wheeler vehicles could be diverted on it then it will ease out traffic to a large extent,”.

He added bringing it down will be a complete waste of Rs 60 to Rs 70 crore of public money. 

Ishita Mishra, freelance journalist, writer and homemaker stated that pulling down the entire structure and then building some alternate will not be a wise decision.

“The structure should be used in alternate creative way like developing a street market or food zone. Its destruction will be a waste of public money,” she said.  

Meanwhile, Chhattisgarh Congress party has welcomed the decision of dismantling Skywalk project. 

“It is a result of a short-sightedness of the BJP government and this sore cannot be cured without a surgery,” a press statement released by the party stated.

For wasting the public money and causing trouble to the people, former CM Raman Singh and PWD Minister Rajesh Munat must apologise, the statement added.

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