June 10, 2023

The newly appointed Chairman of the Gau-Seva Commission, Rajeshree Mahant Ramsundar Das, took charge on Tuesday, July 21. Newly appointed President Rajeshri Mahant Ramsundar Das took charge in the special service of Agriculture Minister, Honorable Mr. Ravindra Chaubey after duly worshiping in the Gau-Seva Commission office. President Farmers Welfare Council Mr. Surendra Sharma, Councilor Mr. Gyanesh Sharma were also present on the occasion. On this occasion, the officials of the Gau-Seva Commission honored the newly appointed Chairman Rajeshree Mahant and Agriculture Minister Shri Choubey by offering shawl and Shri fruits.
    On the occasion of the program, Choubey said that under the guidance of the newly appointed president, work will be done for better conservation and promotion of animals. He said that the Gau-Seva Commission will have an important role in the successful operation of Gothans in villages. Security of livestock will be arranged. Regular testing will also be conducted by the Veterinary Department for best health of animals in Gothan.
    Chairman Rajeshree Mahant Ramsundar Das said that everyone’s cooperation will be taken for proper care of animals. In Chhattisgarh, comprehensive measures will be taken for better maintenance of cattle animals. He said that bovine animals have an important place in agriculture. The government has constructed Gauthano for animals at the village level. These Gothans are being developed as multidimensional economic source centers. The rural economy will be strengthened by the conservation and promotion of bovine animals.