June 7, 2023

Mr. Girijanand Chandra, a resident of Village Zharra in Janjgir-Champa district has proved how economic prosperity can be achieved through self-occupation. With the help from the government and his own dedication, Mr. Chandra’s income from his poultry farm and fisheries business is quite high today. Taking inspiration from them, the youth of the region are adopting this work today.
    Mr. Chandra said that he started a poultry farm by rearing one thousand chickens on his own 50 decimals agricultural land. He expanded his business by taking advantage of the grant scheme provided by the Livestock Development Department. Today, about 10 thousand chickens are being reared in their poultry farm. He told that today he is earning about 4 lakh rupees annually from this business. Mr. Chandra informed that apart from the poultry farm, he is also doing fisheries on 4 dismal land adjoining it. With this, he is earning an additional income of about 70 thousand rupees per year. With this business of Girijanand, unemployed youth of the village are also getting employment in the farm.
    Impressed by this success of Mr. Girijanand, others are also joining the poultry farm business. The number of poultry families in the village has increased. Apart from financial help, guidance is also being provided by the state government to the unemployed to start their own business. The result of this is that today’s youth are taking the path of self-reliance. Under the NABARD Dairy and Poultry Entrepreneurship Scheme, several schemes are being run by the government for the expansion of business such as poultry farms, goat farming, fisheries. The eligible farmers are moving on the path of economic prosperity by taking advantage of these schemes. This creates an atmosphere of happiness in the families of the beneficiaries.