May 30, 2023

Matikala Board is promoting traditional business

The meaningful results of Chhattisgarh government’s public welfare policies and the preservation and promotion of the art and culture of the state is the result that people are showing enthusiasm today. From farming to farming, the traditional business has received a boost. In this era of modernism, the extinct terracotta art has come back to life in Chhattisgarh. Stepping away from the traditional occupation of the potter, the potter has again begun to sharpen his skills and carry on the business of his ancestors. In line with the intention of Chief Minister Shri Bhupesh Badhel, the Matikala Board has engaged various types of assistance to the potters to connect them with their traditional business.       

        Village Industries Minister Guru Rudrakumar says that better efforts are being made for the economic and social upliftment of the potters through schemes run by the Matikala Board. The government is helping in every way to take their skills and traditional business from one generation to the next. In line with the intention of Chief Minister Mr. Bhupesh Baghel, the Department of Village Industries is playing an important role in connecting villagers with employment business and making them self-supporting through the Village Industries and Matikala Board in the village. Necessary guidance and help is also being provided to the villagers to carry on the traditional business. 

  The Chhattisgarh Matikala Board has taken the initiative to improve the economic condition of the Kumbhakars of the state. The Kumbhakara Terracotta Scheme operated by the Board, Establishment of Glazing Unit, Registration of Kumbhakars, Training and Design Development Scheme for Matishilpils, Handicapped Rickshaw Pact Delivery to Matishilpis and ‘Study Yatra Scheme’ to Matishilpants to be benefited by Kumbhakars Used to be. This is the reason that the potters today are enthusiastically joining their traditional occupation and moving towards a better life. Other members of his family are also playing an equal role in this work. 

 It is noteworthy that in Raipura of the capital, more than 200 potters are living their lives by joining their traditional occupation. The sarpanch of the potter society Mr. Bharatlal Chakradhari and the potter Mr. Dinesh Kumar Chakradhari informed that the whole family is connected with ancestral work. The children of the family are also learning terracotta crafts from their parents. The men in the family work with electric chalk, and the women make a variety of decorative hand-crafted materials and attractive clay materials. He said that while the work of electric chalk from the Matikala Board has accelerated, the production of pottery and other materials has also increased with less effort. Potter who is preparing pottery says that pottery prepared from soil is beneficial for health as well as pollution-free, Because no chemicals are used to prepare it. The effect of the color used after cooking the pottery in high heat also ends. While it is easy to clean the pottery, the metal utensils are not completely cleaned. Also, when thrown after use, it gets mixed again into the soil, hence it is considered as pollution free clay pot.