June 6, 2023

The increasing trend of people for indigenous goods is giving the local small manufacturers a golden opportunity to move forward. In the festival of Rakshabandhan, the sale of outsiders was usually more due to the price being cheaper than the indigenous ones. This year, many people from Kondagaon district have gathered to provide an alternative to attractive indigenous palms at an affordable price. Among them, women of Akash Mahila Cluster Salna are also included under Model Divya Mahila Cluster Vishrampuri. 20 women of 10 clusters of cluster salna have worked more than 15 hundred ashes in 5 days working every day. According to the design of these clusters by the groups, the price has been fixed from Rs 5 to Rs 50. Being inexpensive and very good in design from other rakhis, the rakhis produced by the group are getting good response from the people.

     With the inspiration of the district panchayat, the presidents of the cluster, Devantin Netam and Preeti Soni, organized groups interested in making rakhi. Raw material was sourced from the capital Raipur to become a rakhi. After this, women made dozens of ashes with 5 days of hard work. Every woman prepares rakhi from 50 to 150 per day. For this work, they receive funds according to the value and design of the Rakhi. District Mission Manager Shri Vinay Singh informed that the women groups are selling cane by putting canopy on main road in Vishrampuri for retail sale. Here two ladies of the group sell rakhi every day. Currently, a target has been set to sell two thousand dates. Rakhi worth Rs 780 has been sold in only one day. Given the increasing demand for ashes, women to increase production by adding more groups.