May 29, 2023

The fisheries business changed Murarilal Mittal’s life. Mr. Mittal, who has been associated with this business for the last one year, told that he earns so much income that he can take good care of himself and his entire family. Murarilal Mittal, a resident of village Piperda in Janjgir-Champa district, used to cultivate paddy seasonally on his land. Due to this, his family’s needs were not easily met.
      Mr. Mittal was given RKVY with the guidance and cooperation of Fisheries Department. Under the scheme, ponds were constructed in 1.400 hectares under the pond construction scheme in their land. The guidance from the fisheries department and the hard work of Mr. Mittal brought color and he was successful in producing about 2 tonnes of fish in the current year. He earned an income of about Rs 3 lakh by selling it. Mr. Murari Lal is now able to easily meet basic needs for himself and his family. Mr. Mittal thanked the state government for this and said that after adopting this business with his help, his standard of living was greatly improved and there is a happy atmosphere in his family.