May 30, 2023

People are now excited by the policies of public interest and welfare of Chhattisgarh government. Smt. Bina Yadav of remote village Misri in Mohla development block of Rajnandgaon district has the zeal and joy to cultivate them on getting land from forest rights lease. The effective efforts of the government are changing the lives of people who collect micronutrients in the forests. Mrs. Bina told that she has got 50 decimals of land, on which she has planted paddy crop by her husband Mr. Johit Yadav. She said that there are two young children Priyanka and Dushyant, whom she wants to teach well.

     Mohanlal, Purushottam, Jageshwar have got a total land of 2 acres under the forest rights lease in their family. Mrs. Bina said that we collect Mahua, Char, Harra and other types of forest produce in all the forests, while we also collect lac from Kusum tree. It is our means of livelihood, but now by getting the right to land, doing agricultural work will increase the income.