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December 2, 2020

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Prices of vegetables touching the sky, middle class is getting worried

Katni: The sky-high inflation of harvest / vegetable has once again put the middle class in trouble. The price of tomato in the harvest reached fifty rupees per kg. The special thing is that till one month ago, during the lockdown the price of tomato was five to ten rupees kg. Consumers allege that behind the sudden price of fifty rupees, somewhere middlemen activism cannot be ruled out.

These are the major reasons for inflation

Ranjit Kumar Kachhwaha Vegetable trader who has been doing vegetable business in Sabzi Mandi since past many years. It is said that these days, tomatoes are coming from Bangalore and potato from Farukhabad. One of the reasons for the sudden price increase is the increase in freight after the increase in diesel prices. The second reason is the decrease in green vegetables during the rainy season.

Growing people’s problems

Citizens say that it is not possible to suddenly increase the price of any vegetable. People are upset with the price of tomato suddenly reaching fifty to sixty rupees per kg.

Customers get vegetables at reasonable prices, arrangements are being made

District Supply Officer PK Srivastava says that if vegetable prices are increasing due to middlemen, then action will be taken. Efforts will be made to provide vegetables at reasonable prices.