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December 2, 2020

The Chhattisgarh

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Prevention Of Lightning During Monsoon

During monsoon, there is loss of life and property due to lightning strikes. The Department of Revenue and Disaster Management has given necessary information to take precautions from the people in view of the possibility of lightning strikes during the monsoon. 
If you are in the house at the time of lightning incident, do not touch the water tap, fridge, telephone etc. and stay away from it, as well as turn off the electrical appliances and appliances. If riding on a two-wheeler, bicycle, truck, open vehicle, boat etc., then immediately get off and go to safe places. Do not ride on vehicles during thunderclap, celestial lightning. Do not use metal pedestal umbrellas. Stay away from telephone and electric poles, poles and telephone and telephone towers. Do not use wire to dry clothes, use jute or yarn rope. Do not go under tall and single trees, seeing the lightning and hearing the sound of thunder. 
If you are in the forest, then small and cubes go to the shelter of trees. Stay as far away from trees, marshy sites and water sources as possible, but it is better to stay under small trees than in open sky. If you are forced to live in the open sky, then choose the places below. There should not be many people gathered together. The distance of two men is at least 15 feet. People swimming, fishermen etc. should get out of the water without delay. Farmers, laborers or laborers working in plows or other work in wet fields or persons working in the pond should immediately go to dry and safe places. Remove yourself from metal farming machines, sticks etc. 
If you are working in the fields and barns, and are unable to take shelter in a safe place, then where you live, keep dry things like wood, plastic, sack or dry leaves under your feet. Take both feet together and keep both hands on knees, tilt your head towards the ground as much as possible and do not touch the head with the ground. Never lie on the ground. Plant low-elevation improved tree clusters around your houses and fields. Install a copper wire in the trunks or branches of tall trees and press it deep into the ground so that the tree becomes safe. Pucca house with a strong roof is the safest place. If possible, get lightning drivers installed in your homes. Protect yourself from metallic contact in the open area as much as possible.   

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