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Preparation of Lok Sabha, Assembly and local bodies elections all over the country from a single voter list

The Central Government is considering the possibility of creating a single voter list for the elections to the Lok Sabha, Assembly and local bodies. This will help eliminate discrepancy and bring uniformity in voter lists. The officials gave this information on Saturday.

Currently, the Election Commission prepares the voter list for Lok Sabha and Assembly elections. At the same time, for the elections of local bodies like Municipal Corporation and Panchayat, the State Election Commission prepares voter lists at their respective levels. Many state election commissions use the draft electoral rolls of the Election Commission to create their voter list. The new system will remove discrepancy between state and center level lists. The rigging in the local elections on the strength of the clout will be stopped. It will also be possible to curb fake voting.

The constitution empowers states to make their own rules for panchayat and civic elections. They also have the right to prepare a voter list at their level or to use the Election Commission voter list prepared for assembly elections.

The central government is exploring the possibility of a single voter list for the Lok Sabha, assembly and local bodies, which will also bring uniformity and reduce expenditure. A senior official said, ‘The government is considering whether there can be a single voter list for these three types of elections? States can be persuaded to adopt the central voter list only. Another official said that due to different voter list, there is a double expenditure on the same work. This will also be good for voters as there will be no discrepancy in voter lists. It is often seen that a person does not have a name in the second list even after being named in one voter list.

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