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December 5, 2020

The Chhattisgarh

Beyond The Region

PM Narendra Modi understood the complete map, everyone said: Vande Mataram

under constant pressure on Modi, PM Modi had
lost 20 soldiers of India in a clash with Chinese soldiers in Galvan Valley. Since then, Prime Minister Narendra Modi has been continuously under pressure on China. In this series, the central government has banned 59 Chinese apps in India. Also, contracts awarded to several Chinese companies have been taken. Now Prime Minister Narendra Modi himself has reached Ladakh. Here he understood the ground reality of India and China border.

Which parts of China have occupied India, which part of India claims its claim, PM Modi tried to understand all these things by reaching Ladakh. CDS Vipin Rawat told the PM in detail about where China is bullying.

Trump spokeswoman Kelly McKenney gave this information to reporters. Asked about China’s attack on Indian troops, Trump said, “China’s aggressive stance on the Indo-China border fits into a larger pattern of Chinese aggression in other parts of the world.” And, these actions only confirm the true character of the Chinese Communist Party. ‘

He said that Trump is keeping a close watch on the situation between India and China. “Both India and China have expressed a desire to reduce tensions and we support a peaceful resolution of the current situation,” McKenney said

He referred to the statement of Foreign Minister Mike Pompeo when asked about India’s decision to ban TickTock and 58 other Chinese phone apps. Pompeo called all these apps ‘Chinese Communist Party monitoring state instruments’ and welcomed India’s decision to ban them. Pompeo said, ‘India’s’ clean app ‘approach will strengthen India’s sovereignty, also strengthen India’s integrity and national security, as stated by the Indian government itself.’