May 30, 2023

New Delhi: Prime Minister Narendra Modi (Narendra Modi) spoke to IBM CEO (IBM CEO) Arvind Krishna on Monday. In this conversation through video conference, PM Modi discussed about IBM’s strong engagement with India. The Prime Minister congratulated Arvind Krishna for becoming the global head of IBM earlier this year. He noted IBM’s strong involvement in India and its large presence in the country with more than one lakh people working in 20 cities.

Talking about the impact of Kovid-19 on business culture, the Prime Minister said that ‘work from home’ is being adopted on a large scale and the government is continuously working to ensure this. Which can ensure that this technological change is smooth. He discussed technologies and challenges in IBM’s recent decision, in which the company prepared 75 percent of its employees to work from home.

The Prime Minister appreciated the role of IBM in launching AI curriculum in 200 CBSE schools in the country. The company has started this program in association with CBSE. Modi said that the government is working towards teaching students concepts like AI, machine learning in the initial classes. This will develop technical thinking in the country.

IBM CEO Arvind Krishna told the Prime Minister that there is a need to teach the same about technology and data, as children are given basic education of seed mathematics. It should be taught with passion and it should be started early.

There was talk on investment in the country

The Prime Minister highlighted that this is a great time to invest in India. He said that the country is welcoming and supporting the investments being made in the technical sector. He said that when the world is witnessing recession, the flow of FDI in India is increasing. He said that when the world is witnessing recession, the flow of FDI in India is increasing.

He said that the country is moving ahead with the vision of a self-reliant India to develop an efficient and flexible local supply chain globally. The CEO of IBM informed PM Modi about IBM’s huge investment plans in India. He expressed his belief in the vision of self-reliant India.