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December 2, 2020

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PM Modi praises BJP workers, said – continue to help people in the same way

New Delhi: Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Saturday inquired about the work done by BJP workers under the ‘Seva Hi Sangathan’ program. After becoming aware of the work done by the party workers in Rajasthan, PM Modi in his brief address praised his efforts. The Prime Minister said that the workers of Rajasthan have provided immense help to the needy by joining people shoulder to shoulder. The Rajasthan BJP has shown how we can stand shoulder to shoulder with people, whether we are in power or out of power… It is really inspiring. 

The Prime Minister said that the BJP workers did not hesitate to help the people in this difficult time. I have full faith in the party workers that in the coming days, they will continue to work with the help of the people by remaining in the same life. After seeing the relief work done by BJP workers in Bihar during the lockdown, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said that there are many challenges in states like UP and Bihar. You guys have pledged that our labored siblings will come back and help them.

BJP President JP Nadda said that migrant workers should not leave their places, we took care of it and made arrangements for food for all of them. During the Corona lockdown, the BJP workers also provided the facility of every way for the migrant workers who came out of their place. So far, 3.9 lakh activists have served the elderly and sick in the Corona crisis. Party workers have ensured that medicines are regularly delivered to sick and elderly people to stay healthy. 

BJP President JP Nadda, referring to the service work of the BJP workers, said that during the lockdown, the party workers delivered 22 crore food packets to the people. Not only this, the workers also worked to bring five crore ration kits to the needy people. This ration kit came to be known as Modi Kit. Under this initiative, 15-day ration, 20-day ration and 30-day ration were delivered to the people. The BJP president said that with the help of the workers of the party’s Mahila Mandal, work was done to provide five crore face covers to the people.

First BJP President JP Nadda said in his address that your support and attachment to the party (Prime Minister Modi) is well known. Taking care of the great responsibility of the Government of India as the Principal, every little thing of the party should also take care, cooperate, guide us all from time to time… We have all seen. Ever since the Corona transition took place, the leadership you have provided to this day is going to give direction to the world. The world is following your footsteps closely. India stands safely under your leadership.  

The program also includes Union Home Minister Amit Shah, Defense Minister Rajnath Singh, Nitin Gadkari and other senior leaders of the party. The event is going virtual and is being broadcast live on the party’s digital platform. May 30 was the first anniversary of the second term of the Modi government. To commemorate this, the party held more than 61 virtual rallies in which 11.49 crore people participated. Not only this, in order to publicize the achievements of the first year of the government, the workers also approached 5.41 crore people in the party’s door-to-door campaign.

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