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December 3, 2020

The Chhattisgarh

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PM Modi has 10 special things in ICC

In the 95th annual program of the ICC, Prime Minister Modi said that in today’s time it is necessary for the country to be self-sufficient, its dependence on other countries will have to be reduced. Major reforms were announced under the self-sufficient India campaign, now they are being launched on the ground.

The PM said, ‘Sometimes time also tests us, tests us. Sometimes many difficulties, many criteria come together. But we have also experienced that in such a criterion, our gratitude also guarantees a bright future. ‘
PM Narendra Modi said, ‘Lose the hearts of the hearts, win the hearts of the hearts … Our resolve power determines our path forward. The one who already gives up, does not see new opportunities in front of him, in such a case, the person who constantly tries to win, gets success and new opportunities come. ‘
The Prime Minister said, ‘We have to consider how the things that we get from abroad are made in our country and then how should we export them. This is the time to be vocal for local. ‘
Paddy Minister Modi said- ‘After 5 years your institution (ICC) will complete its 100 years, in 2022, 75 years of independence of the country are going to be completed. In such a situation, it is time for everyone to take a big resolution and set some goals to complete the self-sufficient India campaign. ‘
He said, ‘Today there is a wish in the minds of the countrymen, I wish we would be self-reliant in the field of medical … I would be self-reliant in the field of defense … I wish we would be self-reliant in the field of solar panel … There are many examples where in the country I wish I was moving
PM Modi said that today is the time when Kolkata becomes the leader again, because it is said that what Bengal thinks today, it does the whole country forward. Explain that the Indian Chamber of Commerce has regional offices in New Delhi, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Bhubaneswar, Ranchi, Guwahati, Siliguri and Agartala. It has its headquarters in Kolkata.
The PM said that for local products, strength is being given on a cluster basis. There is an effort to make North East a hub of organic farming, if the ICC is determined, then it can make its global identity.
PM Modi said, ‘The decisions that have been taken recently for the farmers and rural economy have freed the agriculture economy from years of slavery. Now the farmers of India have got the freedom to sell their products, their produce anywhere in the country. ‘
Prime Minister Modi said that today any company can directly deliver its goods or proposals to the PMO, people will have to join the GEM. So that the government should also buy the goods of domestic companies.
The Prime Minister said, “Today the whole world is fighting the Corona crisis, the country is not behind in this fight with the Corona Warriors. Now there is a resolve in the mind of the countrymen that the disaster has to be turned into an opportunity, this crisis has to be the turning point of the country. Self-sufficient India is the turning point.

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