June 2, 2023

Camera performance is one of the headline features of Google Pixel phones. As per new leaks, the upcoming Pixel 4 duo will continue this trend with some notable camera enhancements such as 8x zoom support and a new “motion mode” for capturing images of moving objects with a blurry background. The vaunted Night Sight feature for low light photography is also tipped to receive an upgrade on the Pixel 4 pair. Additionally, a leaked image suggests that the Pixel 4 might bring 8x zoom support and will come equipped with 6GB of RAM, a notable upgrade over the 4GB RAM module inside its predecessor.

A 9to5Google report, citing information from a reliable authority, claims that the Pixel 4 will introduce a new camera feature called Motion Mode for action photography. This feature will reportedly allow Pixel 4 users to capture images of fast-moving objects by bringing them into focus while blurring the background elements for a dramatic effect, just like standalone cameras.

Moreover, the Night Sight mode has reportedly been improved on the Pixel 4, thanks to speed-related enhancements and general improvements. While it is not clear how image quality will be affected, but speed-related enhancements indicate that the image capture and/or processing time has been reduced. It is unclear whether the improvements will make their way to older Pixel phones.

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