June 7, 2023

Yoghuru Ramdev’s Patanjali Ayurved Ltd drug – Coronil, offered as a treatment for Kovid-19, has received a setback from the Madras High Court and has barred the company from using the trademark ‘coronil’.

Justice CV Karthikeyan issued this interim order on July 30 on the plea of ​​Chennai-based company Arudra Engineering Limited. Arudra Engineering Limited stated that ‘Coronil is its trademark since 1993. According to the company, it had registered ‘coronil-212 SPL and’ coronil-92b in 1993 and has been renewing it ever since ‘.
The company manufactures chemicals and sanitizers to clean heavy machines and dismantled units. The company said, “For the time being, our right to this trademark is valid till 2027.” After Patanjali introduced Coreanil, the AYUSH ministry said on July 1 that the company could sell the drug as a deterrent and not For the treatment of Kovid-19.