June 6, 2023

Pakistan has banned live streaming application BIGO and issued a final warning to video-sharing app TikTok to serve pornographic and immoral content on its platform. Digital rights groups say they will challenge the ban because there is no legal basis for censoring video games.

Earlier this month, a citizen had filed several petitions in the Lahore High Court, demanding immediate ban on Tiktok. The petitioner said that the app is “a big prank of modern times” and became a source of spreading pornographic content on social media. According to a statement issued by the telecom regulator Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA), complaints were received from various sectors of society against pornographic content on social media apps Ticketok and Beega , in particular .

The statement said that the PTA had issued necessary notices to the aforesaid social media companies under the law to regulate socialization and content within the legal and ethical boundaries of the country. Significantly, the Indian government has  banned 59 Chinese apps , which are also being called digital surgical strikes against China. While the government has given a strong message to China with this decision, companies making huge profits in India have given a big blow to the players who are playing with the data.

Tiktok such applications , India had a very big market, the dream of which to compete with companies such as companies like Facebook byte dance along to. In a few years, Tittock had strengthened his hold on India.  TicketTalk was also earning a lot from app downloads in crores of mobiles . In just three months between October to December 2019, the company received revenue of Rs 25 crore from this app, while the company had targeted revenue of Rs 100 crore from July to September this year. The company’s revenue was steadily increasing through advertisements on the app