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December 5, 2020

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Padhaee Tunhar Duaar : 21.26 lakh students and 1.88 lakh teachers have been registered and connected with online study-teaching.

The online e-learning system launched by the School Education Department for the smooth study of children during the fall ‘E Tu Tuhai Tunhar Duar’ is proving a boon for millions of children today. The most important thing is that this website has been prepared by the School Education Department itself without spending any external resources and money. Since the launch of the web portal, so far 21 lakh 26 thousand 791 students and one lakh 88 thousand 900 teachers and teachers have been registered and are teaching online.
Online studies of lakhs of students today by the Chief Minister, Mr. Bhupesh Baghel, through the portal ‘Padhai Tunhar Duar’, launched on April 7 to study at home for school children, as part of measures to prevent Kovid-19 infection. are doing. Is taking advantage of Schools have been closed for a long time due to a lockdown to prevent infection with coronaviruses (covid-19). Due to this, it was necessary that children be provided the opportunity to read and write and learn by being built in homes, under this, the school education department of Chhattisgarh government has provided the facility of Readai Tunar Duar e-platform in the interest of students. . . So far, students are able to continue their studies easily under e-process.
In this e-learning platform, teachers and children are connecting to their respective homes through video conferencing through online interactive categories. This is the first major online education platform of its kind in the country in which students of Chhattisgarh state as well as students of Hindi speaking states are also very beneficial. So far, 21.26 lakh students and more than 1.88 lakh teachers are registered online studying and teaching work. In it, text books, aud and video lessons, etc. have been provided in PDF file, which the student is availing without any fees. This portal also has the facility to check homework and homework online. Children are also able to solve their doubts online. This program is proving to be very useful for remote schools of Chhattisgarh and also for schools lacking subject teachers.
The biggest feature of this portal is that this department has prepared itself without any external help. Principal Secretary of its Programming Department, Dr. Alok Shukla has collaborated with the programmers of NIC. This type of department has designed this software free of cost without spending any money. The scheme is available on the website http://cgschool.in. http://cgschool.in is not a private domain, instead the Chhattisgarh Government School Education Department has displayed a ratio of 10 years for only Rs 6658. This domain is completely ruled by Chhattisgarh government. The number of registered students, teachers and page views can be easily seen in this portal.
The school is currently closed by lockdown due to coronavirus infection. In this situation, this system of online e-learning is proving to be a boon for millions of children. Millions of children and teachers are studying at home by taking advantage of this. So far the total expenditure in operation of this portal is only Rs. 3,48,631.54.